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About AwaySys

AwaySys is predicated upon the proposition that not all businesses are created equal – and was created to meet the challenge that this truth presents. To learn more about our culture click here.



AwaySys creates its custom solutions with the use of much of the finest technology available in both hardware and software.  With technical expertise in multiple fields all over the world, we are able to implement much more high capability technology than any other company our size.  We use a wide variety of hardware and software, and some of the biggest names in their respective industries.  Find the service your looking for.


Customer Experience

Listening and responding to customers is a focus of all our activities.  Always learning and assessing, helping us to maximize our success as a team.  Our goal is to simplify your experience with new technologies and make it as enjoyable as possible.  Learn more about our customer experience.



Unlike some of our competitors we have the ability to offer our clients additional options for financing.  This allows a major capitol expense to become an affordable monthly operating cost.  Find out more about our financing options.


We leverage our vendor-independence and unmatched knowledge of the technology marketplace to deliver end-to-end technology solutions for every aspect of the enterprise IT environment. AwaySys experts can help you evaluate and select the right best-of-breed products for your project, and ensure that those products will interoperate effectively.  See what manufactures we offer.


Contact AwaySys

Have a specific question?  Need to get in touch with an AwaySys representative? Connect with one of our team members.